Consumer credit growth

  Production and outstanding consumer loans are doing well. The results for the first half of the year are notably boosted by auto financing and in particular the LOA. Better production for credit companies The indicators are green for consumer credit. This is a sign of good health from an economic point of view. For

Introducing Bank Norwegian Loan!

Bank of Norway is perhaps one of the most popular foreign banks on the Finnish financial product market in recent years. The Bank strives to keep its product portfolio simple and competitive and its products are aimed at the private market. Do you already know the bank’s star product, unsecured consumer credit? Norwegian financial institution

Loan Negotiations – Tips for Preparing a Borrower

Loans are an important part of our economy, almost everyone borrows at some point in their lives. Whether it is a mortgage, a student loan or a consumer loan, you should not go in for loan negotiations without getting ready. Keep yourself in the lead by exploring the most important terms and concepts! However, before